Securitization Structuring
Funding Vehicle Management and Consolidation
Welcome to Promontory Asset Finance Company

Promontory Asset Finance Company (PAFC) was established by Eugene A. Ludwig in 2003 as an independent financial services company focused on securitization and other structured funding solutions. PAFC provides securitization structuring, funding vehicle management, and strategic advice. PAFC is affiliated with the Promontory Group, which provides various products and services to assist financial services companies all over the world.

PAFC clients include banks, broker dealers, specialty finance companies and other corporations that want to diversify their cost of funds, lower their overall funding costs, or reduce the amount of capital required for certain asset portfolios.

The PAFC team has extensive experience in securitization and conduit management. We have hands-on knowledge of all aspects of treasury, funding and liquidity management. Our bankers have structured transactions in a wide variety of asset classes, including credit cards, auto loans, home equity loans, mortgages, student loans, other consumer assets, insurance, future flow, and commercial receivables (leases and small business loans).